A night's lie

As darkness invades,

Our bodies are wrapped

In all the secrets that night keeps.


Our shadows become one

And we fill the air with romance,   

As the world sleeps.


Kiss me and love me

Before the sun brings truth

And the darkness slips away.


Making love to deceit,

Let the night stay young

And keep the morning stray. 

I am drawn to you in all ways out of my control. With no communication between us, my heart still finds yours. The chemistry is way too strong to ignore. You have a hold of me. It is almost as if we are magnetically connected; I am hit by the waves of your love’s current. You are there and I am here. Yet, I feel as if we are one.


Daddy, NO!

Daddy’s home again.

Mommy looks so scared.

I can see it in her eyes,

The fear that's in her stare.


Daddy starts to yell

And mommy walks away.

It’s hard to ignore the smell

That invades our troubled way.


“Go upstairs!” mommy yells.

“It’s going to be just fine.”

But I do not believe her,

Because it happens every time.


As a worried little girl,

I begin to scream.

“Daddy, please leave mom alone.

Daddy, don’t be mean.”


My cries won’t find its way,

To daddy’s sober heart.

So I stand there and I watch,

As daddy tears my mom apart.


A blow to mommy’s face.

A grip of mommy’s soul.

The wrath of my father,

When the liquor’s in control.


A child’s innocence plagued,

By her daddy’s drunken choices.

Nightmares in my sleep

Of my Daddy’s angry voices.


Strength is my mother,

For all that she endured.

No matter what pain daddy caused,

Her love was there to  cure. 


A fool for you.

I lay in bed with darkness.

My only company.

Counting the what ifs that could have been,

If you were here with me.

Some call it  our closure,

but I am not convinced.

Because the thought of you still lingers,

And it's you that I still miss. 

They insist that time heals all, 

And I insist that they're all wrong.

Because the pain that resonates,

Is still alive and strong.  

I refuse to let "us" go 

which is why I still hold on.

I'll play the fool for you, 

If it means that we'll pull through.



If I Love You Today..

If I love you today,

Will you love me tomorrow?

Provide me your love,

To blanket my sorrows?


If I love you today,

Can you promise me one thing?

Can you love me forever?

With a soul that’s worth trusting?


If I love you today,

Will you comfort my doubts?

Convince me enough,

That you’ll never walk out


Can you love me today

And save me from lonely?

Your love is my shelter,

Your love is my only.


I will love you today.

I will love you tomorrow

And days that fall after,

And all else that follows.



Redundancy is paralyzing to the mind.

Routine leads to un-enlightening habits

And familiarity becomes excessively comforting.

Intellectual growth is compressed as

Thoughts jam into a closed mind.

You are unconsciously conscious,

In a world where you are actively nonexistent.

You are remote to what is actually happening.

And as this happens, time passes.

And it appears accelerated because “moments” were absent.

Routine comes natural and  forces you into a habitual trance.

You disconnect yourself from your own presence.

Absent in your own attendance.

Time jolts right before you.

And you question, “Where did time go?”

As if time will grab your hand and sincerely whisper, “let’s go”

Time is consistently moving as you are inconsistently living.

To be alive doesn't mean living

And living doesn't  consist of only breathing.



I still love you like yesterday,

Even though yesterday was forever ago.

I still and will forever wait for you,

Hoping one day you find you way back to me.

And if, in this lifetime,

Our lips never touch again,

Hands never meet again,

Hearts never collide again,

I’ll take with me until my very last breath,

The memory of your love.


You're no longer here

as I reach for you. 

Your memory dances in the shadows of my mind.

It lingers. It is omnipresent.  

I am alone in my regret. 

"I love you", I should have said.

The whispers of my unspoken words  

Haunt and tug at my forsaken soul

Tears run down my face, 

I can taste your pain. 

I close my eyes, 

And all I  can see, 

A heart pierced with a dagger 

And my name engraved. 

A love I shattered,

Beating for life,

Beating to be loved. 

Murder I wrote, of my beloved. 

I am the misery that he covets. 

And his silhouette Is the ghost, 

The ghost that haunts me  most. 

Tragedy of a Kiss

It began with just one kiss.

Sweet seductions we couldn’t resist.

Fighting temptations, enticed by desires.

Heavily breathing, our souls on fire.

His finger slide across my skin.

Then slowly he fills me, my sweetest sin.

Together we float in sensual ecstasy,

Skin to skin, as he lies next to me.

Oh, how one kiss led to this tragedy,

As I romance a man of infidelity.

Dangerous Love

You force me to a place I don’t want to be.

Feelings I don’t want to feel.

Hypnotized by your charm,

I fight to stay grounded.

But you sweep the floor right from beneath me,

Where I lose balance.

Falling into romance and sweet desires.

Dangerous love.

You are dangerous, Love.


He fell in love with a dreamer.

They kissed among the stars.

They danced along with the wind.

She was his moonlight in the darkest nights.

He embraced her warmth, like the sun’s light.

But the dreamer that she is,

 She was as elusive as they came.

The kisses faded like the stars did.

And the sun’s warmth could not be tamed.

He lost count of how many times,

She crept in and out  like the moonlight.

He learned to love her memory,

So he danced alone with the wind.

Hoping one day, she will no longer be imagery. 

A Wednesday inspiration...

This has to be one of the most inspiring videos I have ever come across on the web. I couldn't help but share. I hope it impacts you as much as it does me. From the narrator's Hollywood voice to the uplifting message, I'm sure it will leave a lasting impression. Have a happy Wednesday! 

Video does not belong to me.

Life as we know it

How much control do we really have over our lives? Can I paint a vivid picture of exactly how I want life to be? That would make it perfect, wouldn't it? But perfect doesn't exist, so I guess not. But we can still live the life we dream, minus the bumps in the road,  if we work diligently  to pursue this ideal life. Maybe we will never fully get there, but I heard the journey is worth the ride. Happiness is not a destination, it's a journey,  a journey with far more substance that outweighs a stand-still moment. The ability to dream makes us alive. It makes life far more interesting, it gives us something to work toward, something to look forward to. And whether or not you reach that destination, that dream, enjoy the ride. It's the ride that will give you something to speak of, experiences to share, and lessons to teach. And as you get older, your journey shall be etched out on your skin.